A glass installation, whether it’s small and subtle, or elaborate and bold, is an expression of your tastes, style, and personality - for your home, or as a brand. Your project is a way to say something, and whatever that may be, your Cantifix solution is always a uniquely individual choice. We give our clients the chance to indulge in this individuality, and offer a range of ways - from decorative architectural glass to Digiprint laminate designs - to personalise your glazing.

Innovation and imagination are intrinsically linked, and at the heart of everything we do is a spirit of creativity. We want you to share this experience throughout the design process, and by using advanced tools, and harnessing cutting-edge technological developments, we can work with you to embrace your inspiration. Cantifix will help you to find ways to make your installation not just a piece of exemplary construction or decorative architectural glass - but a work of art, too. 

Have a project in mind? Contact us to find out more about how a Cantifix glass solution could become a part of your design.

product details

  • Almost endless possibilities when it comes to design styles
  • Entire images can be created within glass laminates, using Digiprint technology, meaning both artistic and branded glass panels are an option
  • Potential to seal objects within laminates of architectural glass, for a unique decorative style.
  • Wide range of colours, textures, and styles available

Why choose our individual glass?

  • To transform your property, project, or design into a work of art through the use of personalised and unique glass designs
  • To put a stamp on your home, property, or business that not only gives it an identity of its own, but looks utterly beautiful
  • For a glass installation that not only highlights and enhances the aesthetic of a building, but has a unique aesthetic quality all of its own

Who is our individual glass for?

  • Homeowners seeking a decorative glazing installation that isn’t just flawlessly designed, but is an expression of their tastes and style.
  • Property owners and designers looking to add an individual quality, with a unique pattern, image, or even object, to their home.
  • Architects working on a project that includes artistic aesthetics, looking for a unique and inspiring way to add colour or imagery to their design