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Glass Swimming Pool Enclosures


While a fully glazed swimming pool enclosure can be an elegant and impressive feature in a property, getting the detailing and materials right takes some consideration. With a combination of humid air, the strong possibility that your glass will get wet and huge temperature changes between the pool space and adjacent areas, designing and building swimming pool glazing can be something of a challenge and requires both specialist knowledge and the right materials and products.

Over the years, we’ve worked on a number of projects that feature swimming pool glazing, from large, commercial projects in leisure centres and hotels, to smaller residential projects with a (relatively) small pool area – there’s not a lot we don’t know about swimming pool glazing.

One of the most common interventions when glazing around pools is a glass roof. Whether it’s a behemoth 12m retractable pool enclosure, like the one we created for one particularly ambitious client, or a more humble fixed roof, the interplay of the sunlight streaming through the glass with the pool surface is always a thing of beauty.

While retractable swimming pool enclosures and fixed roofs are popular choices, we’ve also installed minimal Sky-Frame doors, our own PureGlaze system, and even a glass sluice gate to control the level of the pool in a hotel.

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Product Details

  • Swimming pool enclosure glazing requires special paintwork or anodising on the frames and fixtures to prevent corrosion
  • We always specify toughened, laminated glass in a pool environment, so that in the event of a breakage, glass shards aren’t floating around the pool
  • Heated glass is also a popular option in pool environments, to prevent condensation and mistiness
  • Switchable glass can also be used for control of privacy when necessary
  • When installing a floor in an area likely to get wet, building regulations stipulate anti-slip glass must be used, and we always recommend the highest level of anti resistance around pool areas

Why choose glass for a swimming pool enclosure?

  • To create a unique ambience around a pool
  • To ensure complete climactic control of a pool area
  • To allow natural light into a space that traditionally tends to require high levels of artificial light

Who is swimming glazing for?

  • Designers looking to make a statement with their pool spaces
  • Homeowners or businesses looking to create a unique environment for relaxation and fun

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