privacy feature.

In today’s digital world where everything is seemingly “on show”, privacy has arguably become more important than ever. Whether it’s at home or work, the space between rooms, structures and buildings can often provide us with the opportunity for some respite - a sanctuary where we can either focus, or relax.

Advances in glass technology, combined with over three decades of cutting-edge glazing experience has enabled us to offer a range of luxury glass solutions that offers the privacy you need, while also looking stylish and elegant.

Working with you to understand your exact requirements and design needs, we can create frosted glass and translucent glass installations in a number of exciting, inspiring and visually breathtaking ways. The result is a solution that offers you all of the luxury of a Cantifix installation, with all the benefits of quality structural glazing.

With an almost limitless number of possibilities in terms of aesthetic, shape, and size, whatever your needs, our frosted glass architecture can help you meet them. The solution might be clear, but the glass doesn’t have to be - our translucent glass is the answer to privacy in any design. 

Have a project in mind? Contact us to find out more about how a Cantifix glass solution could become a part of your design.

product details

  • Translucent glazing can be achieved using a wide range of techniques, each achieving a different finish; from sandblasting and screen printing, to opaque laminates and acid etching
  • Can be integrated with our other innovative solutions, such as our opacity-shifting switchable glass
  • Enables designers to achieve privacy without sacrificing visual quality

Why choose our privacy glass?

  • To meet the privacy requirements of your project, both personal and professional, and ensure that your designs successfully achieve their goals
  • To divide interior and exterior spaces, with a visually stunning glazing solution
  • To add a unique and elegant glazing installation to your home or property, which also serves a practical function

Who is our privacy glass for?

  • Architects or designers working on commercial spaces (such as offices), who are seeking a modern and elegant installation that also provides privacy
  • Homeowners looking to add a distinctive and personal flair to their property, through an unusual and unique glass installation