security strength.

While aesthetic is often a priority in our designs, and we aim to ensure all of our projects are visually stunning, this should never come at the cost of safety and security. Cantifix work tirelessly to ensure that all of our products are safe, secure, and consistently reliable.

Using the most groundbreaking, innovative technology and design techniques, we’re able to offer a comprehensive range of security options with our high end glazing solutions. Whether it’s simply for peace of mind, or a fully-integrated security measure, we use a variety of solutions including bomb-proofing, bulletproof glass, and anti-bandit technology to ensure that your family, business, or property remain as protected as can be. 

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product details


  • A range of security options available, from simple lamination through to comprehensive proofing
  • Can be applied to any of our glazing products as necessary, meaning you never have to compromise on design
  • Bomb-proof glass, bulletproof glass, and bandit-proof glass options all available, for any expected level of threat or security requirement


Why choose our security glass options?


  • For a glazing solution that not only looks fantastic, and is flawlessly designed, but is entirely secure
  • For added peace of mind, in the knowledge that your glazing solution is working to keep you actively protected
  • For business or projects where security is of paramount importance, due to sensitive locations or high levels of potential threat


Who is our security glass for?


  • Architects or designers working on projects of a sensitive nature, with the need to factor security into their glazing systems
  • Homeowners living in locations where there is a need for additional security and safety in their home design
  • Property owners who want a glass solution that not only looks great, but offers comprehensive safety and security too