fixed framed wall.

Whatever your home or space situation, our glass walls can be adapted for your individual needs. Some clients prefer the seamless elegance of a frameless glass wall, but for others, framed options can offer a unique aesthetic to a property.

These stunning glazing options frame your view of the outside, and turn each panel into an ever-changing painting.

An ideal solution for larger, or more extensive projects, a framed glass wall offers additional structural integrity - frames can provide support for larger panes of glass, enabling our clients to realise their vision, no matter how grand. The effects can be astonishing.

This is all achieved without the loss of visual quality; the addition of glass beams can provide support while reducing the visual impact of the framework, and add an unforgettable quality to your property.

Turn your room into a view with a Cantifix fixed frameless wall.

Have a project in mind? Contact us to discuss how to make a frameless glass wall a part of your design.

product details

  • Easily combined with our range of glass doors - sliding, bi-fold and pivot - to facilitate elaborate glass extensions.
  • We offer a range of framing options, including steel, aluminium, or glass beams.
  • Framework that can be visually striking, or minimised for a seamless effect.
  • All the coating, and fire-rating options of our whole range are available
  • Films can be included between panes to reduce heat transfer.

Why Choose a Framed Wall?

  • The framing of these options offer an impressive quality to glass walls.
  • The extra support offered by these glass solutions make them ideal for larger scale projects.
  • Make your project or property stand out, and draw attention to the elegance of your Cantifix solution.

Who are our framed walls for?

  • Homeowners looking for a glazing solution which can offer everything from unobtrusive integration, to bold visual impact.
  • Architects and designers working on designs and projects which require supporting and structurally integral architectural glazing.