sky frame classic.

The phrase ‘Swiss engineering’ is synonymous with prestige in the world of design. Switzerland will forever be associated with an inimitable level of artistry - and this doesn’t just apply to things like watches; the Swiss-engineered Sky-Frame Classic is an impeccable and luxurious frameless glazing system.

We offer a variety of frameless glass options, but none are quite as exceptional as this elegant product. As one of only two UK companies privileged to hold preferred Sky Frame partner status, we proudly invite you to explore how Sky-Frame could transform your property, and turn your home into a horizon.

While we offer a complete range of Sky-Frame products, the Sky-Frame Classic is the standard by which all of these elegant options are judged.

Seeing is believing, and you’ll never see clearer than with Sky-frame Classic.

Have a project in mind? Contact us to discuss how to make Sky-Frame Classic a part of your design.

product details

  • Virtually frameless design, offering an uninterrupted, seamless visual quality.
  • Huge variety of sizes available, with panels up to 2.6m wide and 4m high.
  • Minimal ironmongery such as handles and locks complement the minimalist framework.
  • Fully thermally-broken technology
  • Can include any of the complete range of additional Sky-Frame features, including alarm systems, insect screens etc.

Why choose a Sky-Frame with Cantifix?

  • As one of only two Sky-Frame UK suppliers, these glass doors by Cantifix are truly exclusive.
  • Improve personal wellbeing by flooding your home with natural light.
  • Create a living environment of unparalleled beauty, style and comfort.

Who is a Sky-Frame for?

  • Truly discerning homeowners looking to add luxury to their property.
  • Architects who want to offer their client the exceptional and unique.
  • Customers with a vision of transforming their property in style, with a mind for practicality and convenience.