We spend so much of our modern lives indoors, it can be difficult to get the sunlight we need. Natural light makes us feel better. It boosts wellbeing, productivity and cognition, and has been shown to reduce stress. A glass wall or vertical glazing solution is the perfect addition to a home or property to experience the benefits of daylight.

With minimal detailing, and free from obstructive framework, a structural glass wall invites the natural world into your home, while still providing all the security, comfort and safety you need. Ecologically and economically beneficial, Cantifix glass walls reconnect you with the natural world in luxurious style whether you’re an experienced architect with a clear design in mind, or a visionary homeowner looking to add the luxurious benefits of a glass wall to your property.


Sliding Glass Doors & Windows

A sliding glass door or window from Cantifix means access to natural light, a connection between indoors and outdoors, a new level of aesthetic value, better homes and better lives for our customers.

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Urban by Cantifix

Urban by Cantifix offers a stylish and contemporary steel-frames glazing solution, using stylish modern industrial design with an exact precision that is guaranteed to transform and elevate your project with contemporary style. As one of the slimmest steel frame profiles on the market, Urban by Cantifix adds style to any building by maximising the light and space to ensure the property and its surroundings can be fully enjoyed.

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Framed Glass Walls

No matter the size or shape of your project, framed interior glass walls can be used to add another dimension to the aesthetic of a space. At Cantifix, we can tailor-make our glass walls to create bespoke solutions for your individual needs, so regardless of how big your dream is, we can work together to achieve that.

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Frameless Glass Walls

Frameless glass walls for home and commercial designs are the ultimate expression of glazing innovation and architectural beauty. The beautiful and simple art of bonding panels of glass together using only silicone can be used to create timeless and beautiful installations, and a frameless glass wall by Cantifix showcases how this can be achieved to stunning effect.

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Invisible Corner

Invisible glass corners add an extra level of sophistication and elegance to a residential or commercial space, without being restricted by framework. At Cantifix, we want you to enjoy your property at its very finest, and this means being able to enjoy every view with absolutely no obstruction. Our expertly designed and installed invisible corner glass features are a fantastic way to achieve this.

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Our Pureglaze range is distinguished by one simple but elegant feature: the framework is contained within the glass itself, like a window within a window. Available in a range of designs, this is a range of glazing products which features completely uninterrupted glass, as the frame is sandwiched between the panes themselves.

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