Frameless glass walls for home and commercial designs are the ultimate expression of glazing innovation and architectural beauty. The beautiful and simple art of bonding panels of glass together using only silicone can be used to create timeless and beautiful installations, and a frameless glass wall by Cantifix showcases how this can be achieved to stunning effect.

The very concept of a large glass wall evokes images of luxury and elegance. Our frameless glass walls take this one step further: unobstructed by structural support or bulky framework, the glass in our installations seems to go on forever, becoming a seamless and harmonious part of your property.

Whatever your vision or requirements for your project, we will work with you to incorporate one of our stunning frameless walls into your project. Have a project in mind? Contact us to discuss how to make a Cantifix frameless glass wall a part of your design.

Product Details

  • Easily combined with our sliding, pivot or bi-fold doors and horizontal glass to create extensions or whole glass rooms
  • Hydrophobic coatings can be applied meaning the glass needs less cleaning, ensuring a perfect view always
  • Insulating films can be applied between panes, preventing heat transfer in and out
  • Panels of an almost infinite variety of shapes and sizes can be accommodated

Why choose a frameless glass wall?

  • An elegant and luxurious addition to any home or property, providing access to stunning views and plenty of natural light
  • Transform your property and reconnect with the natural world in an organic way
  • The sleek design of our frameless glass walls are harmonious with any setting, even listed buildings with restrictions on framework and aesthetic interventions

Who are frameless glass walls for?

  • Architects and designers working with limitations on aesthetic and visual impact, looking for an inspired solution
  • Home or property owners who want to add beauty and inspiration to their home

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