Sky-Frame turns your home into a horizon. Transform your property into a timeless space with these stunning glass sliding doors. Combining precision Swiss engineering, minimalist beauty, and custom designed to suit your exact needs, Sky-Frame sliding doors invite the world beyond inside with an entirely uninterrupted view.

Inspired by the Bauhaus Art School vision of ‘free-flowing space’, these glass sliding doors unify interiors and exteriors alike. From adding style to an urban apartment in a bustling city or bringing stylish elegance to a relaxed rural home, we offer unparalleled quality and service.

Whether you’re a homeowner or an architect, we can work with you at any stage of the design process, from conceptual design to installation.

Practicality, security and luxury: Sky-Frame elevates your property.

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Sky-Frame 2
Sky frame doors looking out onto a wooden veranda, with rooftops in the background

With thorough and effective insulation through the implementation of double-glazing, the outstanding sound and thermal standards of Sky-Frame 2 have made it our most popular Sky-Frame solution.

No matter the climate or environment, the slim and insulating glass assembly of Sky-Frame 2 offers property owners elegance, style and practicality all at once. This specific technology is what sets Sky-Frame apart from other luxury sliding doors.

These high-end, practically frameless glass elements are an exceptional addition to any home, and have satisfied customer after customer.

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Sky-Frame 3
Tables outside the front of a cafe, in front of a man stood by an open sky frame door

Truly Exceptional performance, with no compromise on luxury and style. While Sky-Frame 3 provides the fine quality and sleek beauty of all Sky-Frame windows, the addition of the very highest quality insulation and stability mean that this triple-glazed system can withstand any environment.

Discerning architects and homeowners searching for the highest quality insulation and wind proofing options, coupled with the very finest visual impact, need look no further.

All Sky-Frame solutions are elegant, precision-designed and can transform any home. Sky-Frame 3 achieves this with the added security of high resistance to wind loads, and the very highest-quality sound and thermal insulation available.

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Sky-Frame Arc
A curved Sky Frame window around the edge of a minimal, modern living room

In choosing Sky-Frame, the possibilities are almost limitless, as exemplified by Sky-Frame Arc. With its smooth curvature and contours, the Arc offers a contrast to the traditional rectilinear design of other bespoke glass doors.

Something as simple and elegant as a curve can transform a sliding glass door from a stylish luxury installation, to a jaw-dropping and inspiring piece of structural artwork.

From simple individual curved panels to elaborate, winding glass hallways, Sky-Frame Arc is an aesthetically stunning addition to any home. The streamlined curved glass architecture of Sky-Frame Arc makes no compromises in performance; it runs as smoothly as all the doors in the Sky-Frame range. 

Sky-Frame Arc offers the epitome of modern luxury design, and in itself can elevate a property from simply beautiful to inspiring.

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Sky-Frame Slope

The Sky-Frame Slope provides all the functionality and luxury of a Sky-Frame, and does so in striking and breathtaking style. By sloping the glass panels at an angle, the Sky-Frame Slope adds a modern and striking quality to any property.

When choosing a large glass sliding door, some customers require a sloping panel to accommodate the design of their property. Some simply prefer the distinctive spatial geometry this feature provides.

Whatever your personal requirements, a Sky-Frame Slope offers a visually impressive and memorable solution. By incorporating one of these custom class designs, your property can become a thing of structural beauty.

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A glass extension made from joined sky room doors and windows, looking out into a small garden

For some customers, the simple addition of a custom glass sliding door is enough to satisfy their desire for custom-designed luxury. But for the client looking for something truly unique and special, we offer Sky Rooms.

By combining Sky-Frame doors with fixed panels and other elements, Cantifix can create for you a full glass façade. The impact of these complete extensions is immediate. They are beautiful, impressive and entirely unique.

The natural light that floods into a Sky Room is hugely restorative and beneficial to wellbeing. We are biologically designed to be exposed to sunlight, something that’s hard to achieve in modern life. The addition of a Sky Room solves this.

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A view of a city at night, seen from the rooftops through an open sky frame glass door

For customers with a specific need to fill a corner space or linear geometric space, the Sky-Frame Corner offers the perfect solution. Secure and sleek, Sky-Frame Corners provide a solution to potentially difficult structural scenarios in elegant style.

Able to accommodate a wide variety of spaces and requirements, these unique glazing installations can allow for convenient access to spaces in your property.

By linking existing or new structures in your room or space, Sky-Frame Corners allow all the practical and stylistic benefits of the Sky-Frame range, and can make your property memorable and unique.

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Two chairs on a patio, seen from a kitchen indoors through a sky frame glass door

Sky-Frame doors can be combined with fixed panels to form entire facades that flow from one space to another. The doors can also slide away from a corner allowing convenient access and a dynamic living space for all year round.

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Sky-Frame is Swiss engineered and manufactured in an award-winning technology centre in Frauenfeld, near Zurich.

As a UK design-led business specialising in the installation of architectural glazing, Cantifix uniquely compliments the manufacturing prowess of Sky-Frame to create only the very highest standards in glazing products and installation.

Together, Cantifix Platinum combines the heritage of Swiss performance with British ingenuity to supply the perfect frameless sliding door system, considered by many architects to be the best solution on the market.

In 2006 Sky-Frame AG selected Cantifix to be their first UK partner and over the last 10 years new products have been successfully launched, from the triple glazed Sky-Frame 3 to the Sky-Frame ARC and Sky-Frame Slope, and now a return to affordable innovation with the launch of Cantifix Platinum.

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