Sky-Frame Arc


Sky Frame Arc represents the ultimate in luxurious design when it comes to curved glass doors. With its smooth curvature and contours, Sky-Frame Arc offers a contrast to the traditional design of other bespoke glass doors with this stunning example of curved glass architecture. Something as simple and elegant as a curve can transform a sliding glass door into a striking and inspiring piece of structural architectural artwork.

From simple individual curved panels to elaborate, winding glass hallways, Sky-Frame Arc is an aesthetically stunning addition to any home. The streamlined curved glass architecture of Sky-Frame Arc makes no compromises in performance; it runs as smoothly as all the doors in the Sky-Frame range.

Sky-Frame Arc offers the epitome of modern luxury design, and in itself can elevate a property from simply beautiful to inspiring. Have a project in mind? Contact us to discuss how to make a Sky-Frame Arc solution a part of your design.

Product Details

  • Available with either double or triple glazed units to accommodate any insulation requirements.
  • Create a completely bespoke feature as Sky-Frame’s world renowned R&D department will accomodate any radius
  • Thermal insulation and sun-protection coating.
  • Combines seamlessly with rectilinear Sky-Frame options, and can complement other Cantifix installations such as glass roofs and curved glass balustrades.
  • Retains frameless effect of all Sky-Frame products.

Why choose Sky Frame Arc?

  • Curved glass architecture adds immeasurable design potential, allowing for navigation of otherwise difficult spaces
  • Sky-Frame Arc adds an organic and natural looking quality to an otherwise modern feature.
  • Stand out: The contoured panels are breath-taking and memorable, and instantly make a property unique.
  • Wide variety of options and features, including connections to alarm systems, remotely controlled, motorised opening and integrated insect screens.

Who is Sky Frame Arc for?

  • Architects and designers looking for a solution which incorporates a curved glass sliding door with luxury style effortlessly.
  • Customers looking not only for the luxurious and beautiful in design, but the inspirational too.
  • Homeowners seeking a way to make their property truly unique and exceptional.

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