Sky-Frame Corner

For customers with a specific need to fill a corner space or linear geometric space, the Sky-Frame Corner offers the perfect solution. Secure and sleek, Sky-Frame Corners provide a solution to potentially difficult structural scenarios in elegant style.

Able to accommodate a wide variety of spaces and requirements, these unique glazing installations can allow for convenient access to spaces in your property.

By linking existing or new structures in your room or space, Sky-Frame Corners allow all the practical and stylistic benefits of the Sky-Frame range, and can make your property memorable and unique.

Have a project in mind? Contact us to discuss how to make a Sky-Frame corner solution a part of your design.

product details

  • Can accommodate minimalist cantilevered detail above the head of doors.
  • Total convenience: Sky-Frame doors can slide away from the corner, for complete ease of use.
  • Complete security: The corner locking mechanism is integrated with the frame.

Why Choose a Sky-Frame Corner?

  • Corner frame detail is handled with the same aesthetic minimalism as all products in the Sky-Frame range.
  • Removes limitations, enabling the integration of a Sky-Frame into any space.
  • Seamlessly connect entire sections of your property with the luxury quality of a Sky-Frame.
  • Wide variety of options and features, including connections to alarm systems, remotely controlled, motorised opening and integrated insect screens.

Who is a Sky-Frame Corner For?

  • Customers looking to transform entire sections of rooms and walls in their home.
  • Homeowners seeking to maximise the natural light exposure of their interiors.
  • Anyone looking for corner glazing with the aesthetic quality provided by a Sky-Frame.