Sky-Frame Slope


Sky Frame Slope provides all the luxury and functionality expected of Sky-Frame, but in a striking and unique way. This tilted or angled glass solution is one of the most striking, impactful, and elegant on the market - and comes with all of the practical and visual design prowess the Sky Frame brand represents.

When choosing a large glass sliding door, some customers require a sloping panel to accommodate the design of their property. For others, Sky Frame Slope simply provides a stunning feature point of distinctive spatial geometry.

Whatever your personal requirements and reasons for choosing Sky-Frame, the Sky-Frame Slope system offers a visually impressive solution. By incorporating one of these custom designs into your project, your property is guaranteed to become a thing of beauty.

Product Details

  • Excellent drainage: Sky Frame Slope meets all driving rain resistance requirements, regardless of inclination
  • Can featuring an inclination of up to 20 degrees off vertical
  • Both double and triple glazing options available
  • Sturdy and resistant: state-of-the-art bearing assembly allows for any horizontal or vertical force, meaning running performance is never impaired.

Why choose Sky Frame Slope?

  • Make your property exceptional: custom glass design and sloping panels mean your project will develop a unique and modern character
  • Not all property suits flush vertical panelling; Sky-Frame Slope solves this issue in outstanding luxury style
  • Wide variety of options and features, including connections to alarm systems, remotely controlled, motorised opening and integrated insect screens.

Who is Sky Frame Slope for?

  • The discerning customer looking to add a geometric and spatially distinct element to their home
  • Architects and designers sourcing custom sliding doors with inclines
  • Clients who want the design of their property to be bold, striking and original.

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