For some customers, the simple addition of a custom glass sliding door is enough to satisfy their desire for custom-designed luxury. But for the client looking for something truly unique and special, we offer Sky Rooms.

By combining Sky-Frame doors with fixed panels and other elements, Cantifix can create for you a full glass façade. The impact of these complete extensions is immediate. They are beautiful, impressive and entirely unique.

The natural light that floods into a Sky Room is hugely restorative and beneficial to wellbeing. We are biologically designed to be exposed to sunlight, something that’s hard to achieve in modern life. The addition of a Sky Room solves this.

Have a project in mind? Contact us to discuss how to make a Sky Room solution a part of your design.

product details

  • The entire range of Sky-Frame doors can be combined with other elements to create a glass Sky Room
  • Seamless integration between doors and glazed panels form the glass façade building.
  • The 20mm sight-lines of the doors match the joints on fixed panels, creating an unimpaired frameless aesthetic.
  • Creates a dynamic, year-round living and working space with excellent exposure to natural light.

Why Choose a Sky Room?

  • Create an entire glass room - these glass building façades extend your property, adding space in true luxury style.
  • Sky Rooms can be beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing through improved exposure to natural light.
  • Extend your property in elegance, adding a spacious and potentially expansive new environment.
  • Wide variety of options and features, including connections to alarm systems, remotely controlled, motorised opening and integrated insect screens.

Who is a Sky Room for?

  • Homeowners planning or preparing for an extension, looking for a solution which is beautiful, high-end and eye-catching.
  • Architects and designers sourcing a way to incorporate more natural light into their design or property, without compromising or amending current structures.
  • Clients looking to add a practical and stylish space to be used for work or leisure.