fixed supported roof.

We are always looking for ways to ensure our clients achieve their vision. The nature of what we do is centred around the principle of support - helping you realising your vision, and opening the door to entirely new possibilities.

Seamless, uninterrupted views can be endlessly appealing, but are also somewhat restrictive in the designs they can accommodate - a supported glass roof isn’t restricted in this way. The supports and beams, as well as the joints, can be customised, and the result is an almost limitless variety of combinations, shapes, sizes and styles. Junctions can even be concealed, so if subtle elegance is to your taste, we can work this into the design.

These supported roof solutions are, as with all of our glazing options, luxurious, elegant and timeless. They’re also perfect for more grandiose or elaborate designs - you shouldn’t have to compromise on scope or scale in a project, and with our supported glass roofs you won’t have to.

Have a project in mind? Contact us to discuss how to make a supported glass roof a part of your design.

product details

  • Roof supports can be made from aluminium, steel, or even glass beams, for a visually interesting finish
  • Silicone bonded framework ensures all glazing is air and weather-tight
  • Aluminium supports can be coated to match other aluminium-framed products, such as our Sky-Frame range, facilitating seamlessly extended designs
  • Can be coated with Ritec hydrophobic coating, to prevent water or dirt marks, and remove need for cleaning

Why Choose a Supported Roof?

  • To expand the scope of possibility in your glazing solution designs exponentially
  • To add a visually intriguing and original quality to your property designs
  • To facilitate larger projects, with panels larger than 2m, or for particularly exposed locations

Who are our supported roofs for?

  • Architects and designers planning a larger or more elaborate roof glazing solution, who need to include structural support into their designs
  • Home or property owners who want to include a glass roof, and don’t want to limited in their designs