Amersham Cottage.

A contemporary glass extension is used to connect a listed country cottage to a converted barn, creating a warm atmosphere in a special space for reading and relaxing. The glass is set into the existing flint walls to provide the weatherproofing and framed at the junction with the bricks of the converted barn- a seamless link with history.

project details

  • A two-sided glass extension sits alongside the cottage and provides a daylight living space in contrast to the small cosy rooms of the original house.
  • A small glass link connects the new glazed extension to the renovated barn, which produces an interesting transition between the spaces.
  • The glass roof sits over the glass wall on the garden side of the extension, ideal for bringing in more natural light during the day.
  • The old cottage was disconnected from the extensive garden; however the new extension creates a place to appreciate nature and the surroundings.

rural project overview

Jane Duncan Architects



George Sharman