Chesterford Road

Natural light pools in the sunken patio area, before being reflected into the room and creating a beautiful light and airy environment. The framed sliding doors slide away from the corner and the floor finishes continue from inside to out, to extend the boundaries of the living area to include the secluded patio on warm summer days. A frameless glass rooflight floods the dining table with natural light.

project details

  • Framed sliding doors were chosen to distinguish between the frameless fixed glass walls and the moving sections.
  • The flush threshold on the doors makes every meal seem like it is being taken outdoors, even when the weather won’t allow it.
  • Ingenious engineering has enabled the supporting structure to be moved away from the corner to enhance the design.
  • A large single panel rooflight has been incorporated to bring natural light directly over the dining table.

rural project overview

Square Feet Architects

North London


George Sharman