Chislehurst Methodist Church.

Chislehurst Methodist Church was originally built in 1868 and a huge refurbishment to transform the church and church hall into a multi-purpose worship and community space was undertaken in 2011. The main part of this renovation was the glazed entrance space, which includes three large glass roofs supported on glass beams and a glass wall, with PureGlaze front doors.

project details

  • The double PureGlaze doors and structurally glazed facade form the main entrance to the church, with another set of PureGlaze doors into the church itself.
  • The aluminium frame of the PureGlaze doors is inside the triple glazed unit and disguised with a 52mm painted band, which retains the reflective quality of the glass.
  • Each of the large glass roofs are split into 2 panels 2800mm wide x 4500mm deep and supported on glass beams set into the stone wall of the church.
  • The new glass link has become a work space, a meeting area and a flexible new facility, as well as allowing views across Chislehurst Common woods. 

rural project overview

Nigel Bird Architects



George Sharman

before and after