Clancarty Road.

Removing the back of the house is a radical first step and opens up a number of options. In the case of this terraced house in Fulham it was decided a small glass extension was the perfect answer for the client’s passion for entertaining. The Sky-frame door is expressed within a steel and aluminium frame, which supports the structural glass walls and roof and brings in the much needed daylight.

project details

  • The glass extension creates a feeling of space and tranquillity, which runs right through the house and into the garden.
  • The large set of Sky-Frame sliding doors allows easy access to the garden and the sight-line of 19mm means minimal disruption to the view.
  • The internal and external floor finishes are the same and set to match the top of the door frame for a seamless appearance.
  • A small glass roof brings essential natural light into the back of the living space to complement the organic décor.

rural project overview

Interior Obsession - Tracy Gould

West London


George Sharman