Only the best concepts survive the journey from the realms of fantasy to real-world implementation.

With your help, we can nurture the concepts that deserve attention and bring back the excitement of creating something that really makes a difference. Something like our invisible balcony, which is now ready for the prototype stage.

Imagine if it were possible to instantly change glass from crystal clear to completely opaque. Then imagine if you could adorn it with any colour or pattern you wanted.

In the last 5 years, nanotechnology has threatened to permanently change the way we think about glass as a construction material. Worldwide, the latest nanotechnological advances are only revealed to a small number of companies. And at Cantifix, we are proud to be counted among their number. 
Alongside the vital scientific study we are undertaking with Oxford University, Cantifix will be launching a range of “healthy glass” products: The range will be reinforced by the scientific outcomes of the Photon Space concept, and will improve the health and wellbeing of our customers for years to come. 

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