Credon Centre.

A new lift shaft was needed to upgrade this Adult Education Centre and the client wanted something modern and spectacular on their Victorian building - a grand statement. The curved vertical panels are restrained by being bonded back to the stainless steel frame of the lift shaft and include the alphabet, which is screen printed onto the glass.  

project details

  • The glass walls use high strength laminates to create the glass link and incorporates both flat and curved panels to follow the steel structure.
  • The engineering takes into account the inherent vertical properties of glass and the weight of each panel is taken by the one below.
  • The glass roof is supported on a glass beam and structurally silicone jointed along the edge with the vertical panels to give a seamless appearance.
  • The channels on the sides have been cut into the walls, leaving a discrete junction with minimal visual impact on the existing building.

rural project overview

Alex Bailey Bushe

East London


not disclosed