Far End.

The old cottage was demolished and replaced by this stunning new house on the outskirts of a small Oxfordshire village. The building is clad in oak which blends into the surroundings more and more each year, with large glass walls punched into the façade. The placement of each glass wall is carefully considered as a relationship between the internal and external spaces.

project details

  • Large sliding doors open the kitchen up to the secluded covered sitting area outside- a fantastic place to eat on those late summer evenings.
  • An abundance of natural daylight pours in through the large glass roofs and brings light into the corridors and stairways.
  • The spectacular landscape transforms the light and mood of the interior and behaves like an ever-changing living wallpaper.
  • On the first floor a small balcony is accessed from both adjacent rooms- for early morning coffee or a romantic drink as the sun goes down.

rural project overview

Peter Feeny Architects



Rafael Dubreu, Ondrej Mundl