Folly Field House.

This property in rural Oxfordshire was extended in 2012 to allow a large kitchen and dining area to become the heart of the family home. The Sky-frame doors slide back from the cantilevered corner creating an uninterrupted view of the spectacular countryside. If there is ever a good reason for moving to the country, this is the perfect advertisement. 

project details

  • Cantifix designed and installed Sky-Frame sliding doors with a configuration that spans a total of 8 metres of doors and slides away from the corner.
  • The head of the door frame is bonded to the overhead glass, which is bolted to the roof above. This ingeniously avoids the need for a steel post in the corner.
  • There is also a narrow glass link between the main house and the extension to allow the two spaces to blend visually and be connected without disruption.
  • The clerestory glass wall runs around all 4 sides of the new extension, which lightens the appearance of the solid roof and floods the interior with daylight.