Hobury Street

Working closely with Peek Architecture and the contractors Rochford Art Ltd, we created this cascade of glass using just 3 large panels of high performance double-glazing. 

As usual the main challenges with a project like this are the coordination, collaboration and installation on site. To implement good design, where the emphasis is on simplicity, requires an intimate understanding of the details by all parties and a commitment to achieve them. 

The new kitchen and living space has become the beating heart of the home and now it is being enjoyed by the whole family, it is difficult for them to remember what it was like before the extension was built. Access to daylight is critical for our biological, physiological and psychological wellbeing and it is therefore no surprise this room is where family and friends gather for their most important interactions.

project details

  • The detailing was crucial to the proper completion of the project and was executed perfectly despite the conditions on site and the necessity for a crane operation to install the panels of glass weighing up to 380kg each
  • Due to the height of the glass, a thick 13.5mm laminated and 10mm pane were used to increase the strength of the double glazed unit
  • The discrete framework for the glass is set into a slate wall, which transforms the living space and gives it a natural context
  • This is enhanced by the slim frames of the Sky-frame sliding doors connecting the garden seamlessly with the interior

rural project overview