At Cantifix, ‘innovation’ has its own meaning.

To most, this is the principle of improving services, identifying ways to make things easier, and offering cutting-edge solutions. For us, this isn’t innovation, it’s the everyday.

We reserve the term ‘Innovation’ for the truly exceptional. The projects and products that don’t just stand out and push boundaries, but those that have never been done before. Products that inspire, that motivate, and open the door to entirely new possibilities in architecture and glazing.

At the heart of this lies you, the customer. It doesn’t matter if you’re an architect, a designer or a homeowner; we innovate to make your property completely outstanding – if there isn’t a clear solution to your problem, or way to realise your vision, we’ll work with you to create one.

Our innovations defy perceptions of the impossible. They are our most daring, complex projects.

They include:

Pureglaze: Our range of windows and doors, which feature completely uninterrupted glass. The frame is contained within the panes. Pureglaze has paved the way for some of our most spectacular projects.

The Photon Space: Our most striking and cutting-edge project to date, the Photon Space is the first ever all-glass habitable space. Working with researchers at Oxford University, we’re harnessing the wellbeing benefits of natural light and the power of modern architecture to create a revolutionary, practical and beautiful living area.

Our Mechanical Glass Roofs and Floors: Created to meet the needs of one individual client, we invented and now manufacture our own custom mechanical glass roofs and floors.