Innox Lodge.

Local materials and minimal glazing helped transform this family home in rural Somerset. To elegantly link the communal kitchen space with the vast green landscape, a new garden room was created.

project details

The client had two essential specifications: that the space performed as a multi-purpose room, and that the temperature remained perfect for all seasons.

  • Three glass walls each span 2.8 metres from floor to ceiling, with minimal sightlines of 19mm.
  • Cantifix’s unique, double glazed invisible corner removes the boundaries between inside and out.
  • Sky-frame sliding doors allow a variety of opening combinations, including sliding away from the corner to create a 6-metre opening.
  • The glass roof and separate vertical panel forms a graceful transition from old to new, and bathes the area in natural light. 


rural project overview

Designscape Architects



George Sharman