Jacqueline Du Pré.

Jacqueline du Pré is one of the most exciting music venues in Oxford and located at St. Hilda’s College. The venue required an area outside the theatre for the audience to assemble before a performance. The glass extension was required to have the smallest possible impact on the integrity of the original architecture.

project details

  • Large vertical and horizontal glass panels are supported on powder coated steel T sections, creating a cost-effective and spectacular space.
  • The framed doors sit in their own surrounds and are supported by the structural glass to minimise the visual impact.
  • The toughened and laminated double glazed glass units are structurally bonded directly to the steel “hockey sticks” and include a solar control coating.
  • The glass and silicone make a stable and permanent weatherproof membrane. Built in 2001 it has required no return visits from Cantifix for maintenance. 

rural project overview

Van Heyningen & Hayward



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