Manor Farm.

The owners of a listed home wanted to add some contemporary amenities- an office, swimming pool and gym. The Planners agreed a separate building could be constructed and discretely joined to the house with an all-glass link. By using the same stone and combining it with timber shading and large panels of high performance glass, the new space blends perfectly with the surroundings.

project details

  • The swimming pool is enclosed on 3 sides by 22 metres of Sky-frame sliding doors and 20 metres of glass wall, all 2.7 metres high.
  • The glass link between the new building and the listed house is made from just 3 large panels of glass and leads to a set of Pureglaze pivot doors.
  • The new study has the largest Invisible corner we have yet to build, giving uninterrupted views through the 2.7m x 2.2m x 2.6m high panel.
  • The listed house is given a new lease of life with the addition of these sympathetic living and play spaces, which are more compatible with modern life. 

rural project overview

Yiangou Architects



Nick Fry