The Old Mill.

This new development was built around an 18th century mill and out buildings to create 7 luxury homes and 9 high specification residential units. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary glazing is what makes this such a desirable place to live. The development was designed to promote a sense of community and it succeeds on every level.

project details

  • Large panels of glass bring daylight into the living spaces where families gather to share stories about their day.
  • The Sky-frame sliding doors on the first floor bring ventilation into the entire house and open onto steel Juliette balconies.
  • With only minimal vertical framing the external environment becomes part of the interior décor and allows a strong bond with the surroundings.
  • The neutrality of the glass walls mean the architectural features of the brick, stone, slate and timber become the stars of the show.

rural project overview

Yiangou Architects



Nick Fry