Newton Road.

This once well-proportioned semi-detached Victorian house had become a shadow of its former self, as many years of insensitive alterations and extensions had taken a heavy toll. This was all stripped back to provide large open plan living areas which suited the family lifestyle of the new owners. To maintain a link with the garden and their surroundings the new extension was substantially glazed.

project details

  • A glass extension extends the dining room into the garden and the very slim frame of the Sky-frame sliding doors maximises this connection.
  • The open plan dining room and kitchen are flooded with natural light, creating the perfect environment for working, relaxing, eating and cooking.
  • The lower ground floor playroom is also connected to the garden with Sky-frame sliding doors, which are designed for their ease of use and high levels of insulation.
  • Large panels of glass, glass roofs and PureGlaze windows become an integral part of the garden landscape and increase the feeling of space within. 

rural project overview

Nash Baker Architects

West London


George Sharman

before and after