Odeon Leicester Square

Having hosted over 700 film premiers since it opened in 1937, the Odeon in Leicester Square is truly an icon of British cinema. However, times change and in order to keep up with the expectations of modern film-goers, a number of changes were made to the venue. The projection and audio systems have been upgraded, more comfortable seating installed and the façade was updated with a new luxury balcony bar, enclosed in a 4.5m-tall, bespoke glass enclosure.

Thanks to our combination of minimal framework and glass structural beams, Oscar’s Bar (named after Odeon founder Oscar Deutsch) is one of the best spots in Soho to enjoy a pre-film cocktail or just take in stunning views across Leicester Square. Contrast is a powerful tool in the architect’s arsenal and the marriage of the modern glazed exterior and art deco interior elements on this project shows just how powerful a glass installation can be in making a bold architectural statement.

project details

  • Rather than being made of steel, the beams supporting the structure are made from laminated glass, maximising natural light throughout the bar
  • The enclosure uses extra-thick blast-resistant glass, offering bomb-resistance and protecting both those using the bar and anyone unfortunate enough to be caught up nearby. This was a first for Cantifix - we're not usually too concerned about the threat of bad guys bombing our installations!
  • Due to the huge 4.5m span,  extra thick glass was needed for the enclosure. To remove the green tint associated with very thick glass, we used low-iron glass to maintain clarity.
  • Solar-control coating was applied to the glass to stop the enclosure acting as a giant green house and maintain a comfortable ambient temperature whether you're looking out onto the Christmas market or a balmy outdoor screening in high summer.
  • Anti-slip glass on the roof panels protects maintenance workers, while mitigating some of the effects of strong sunlight, once again, keeping the interior temperature at a comfortable level during the summer