Porchester Terrace.

Living in a crowded city, where space is at a premium, often means even small extensions to your home can have a dramatic effect on your lifestyle. Including a glass roof and glass wall has created a new living area, which appears spacious and is flooded with natural light even on a cloudy day. The floor to ceiling doors allows the outside terrace to become part of the interior scheme.

project details

  • The Sky-Frame doors slide across the face of the PureGlaze pivot door and into a pocket on the side.
  • The PureGlaze pivot door can be opened separately for day-to-day access to the terrace.
  • The concealed frame of the PureGlaze door complements the slim framing of the Sky-Frame doors beautifully.
  • A large glass roof of over 9m2 makes the most of the natural light - spanning the entire space above the dining area.

rural project overview

Lawrence & Long Architects

Central London


George Sharman