Rectory Road.

We all want to turn our home into a little oasis of peace and tranquillity, distinct from the high octane pace of urban life. This rear extension contains a new kitchen and dining area, which is destined to become the heart of the house and improve the lifestyle of the whole family. The PureGlaze wall provides seamless integration of the living space with the beautiful garden.

project details

  • The PureGlaze wall is 4.3 metres wide and 2.5 metres high and seamlessly connects the interior and exterior living spaces.
  • The glass wall features a fixed panel, and two asymmetrical PureGlaze doors – one of them an enormous 2 metres wide.
  • PureGlaze doors use a pivot operation and a concealed overhead closer which holds them open at 90° and returns them to a closed position when required.
  • A glass roof runs down the side of the extension to bring plenty of natural light into the space, as well as a connection with the elements.

rural project overview

Dust Architecture

South West London


George Sharman