Redstone Road.

Cantifix helped design this Z shaped configuration for the doors to permit a range of options for blending or dividing the spaces. The home office can be opened up to the garden independently of the living space, or the internal corner can be slid back to create a link between the two spaces and the garden. Having options means greater flexibility and spaces capable of adapting to changing demands. 

project details

  • The Sky-frame doors slide away from both corners and can open up the entire rear of the extension.
  • The frame of the doors at the top and bottom is concealed in the finishes to give a floor to ceiling glass wall.
  • The slim sightlines of the Sky-Frame doors compliment the elegant architecture; and the overall effect is sleek, clean and modern.
  • The glass wall creates the perfect home office, which is connected to both the house and the garden, but still separate enough for productivity. 

rural project overview

T Design

North London


George Sharman

before and after