Richmond Hill House.

This stunning project uses a huge amount of glass to great effect. Beautifully designed and detailed by Alan Higgs Architects; the long low pavilion comprises of a dining room, a living space and even an indoor swimming pool, complete with changing rooms. The design concept called for a framed system to contrast with the Iroko cladding and huge amounts of natural light.

project details

  • The dining room and living space extends into the garden within an 11 metre glass extension with framed sliding doors.
  • The innovative disappearing swimming pool is covered with an enormous sliding glass roof ( cantifix) to allow an ‘outdoor’ swimming experience when possible.
  • The pool area is subdivided by further structural glass walls including a PureGlaze door into the side garden.
  • Glass links are used to connect the different areas of the pavilion and create an invisible junction with the 18th century listed house.

rural project overview

Alan Higgs Architects

South West London



before and after