Senate House

This spectacular, serpentine, faceted roof floods the new working space at UCL's Senate House with light, connecting users to the outdoors, while keeping the notoriously abysmal British weather at bay!

project details

Working with Spacelab and Collins Construction, the brief was relatively simple: convert a previously dark, dingy library storeroom into a series of offices, meeting rooms and breakout areas to allow disparate teams to come together and collaborate. Our role was to create a bespoke glazed roof for the atrium, which would connect the different work areas and offer an airy, light-filled space to congregate.

The execution of the project, however, was not so simple:

  • The roof is made up of 105 separate panels, bonded to a completely bespoke steel frame
  • Each panel is completely individual and no two panels are the same size or shape
  • They had to be fitted in a precise order as the space is so tight - as the panels were fitted, there was less space for manouvering

rural project overview




Jefferson Smith