Southcombe Street.

This building was once the local Magistrates Court and comes complete with secure jails. Commercial office space is sold or rented at a cost per m2; however the level of this cost is determined by the desirability of the location and space. Through the extensive use of glass to provide natural light and a sense of space, these offices have always attracted clients.

project details

  • The glass walls, glass links and glass extensions break up the pure lines of the stone cladding and bring light into the building, whilst creating architectural interest.
  • On the front façade the glass is sandblasted for added privacy, whereas the rear facades are all floor to ceiling clear glass walls with minimal interuptions.
  • The large sliding doors are arranged around a number of private courtyards and the effect of blurring the boundaries between inside and out, increases the market value.
  • Glass floors have been included in the scheme as a cost-effective and space saving solution to bring light into the new basement areas. 

rural project overview

Terry Poulson

West London


Charlie Sharman