The Green

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As we all know, one of the most important rooms in any home is the wine cellar and a key consideration for any wine cellar is temperature control. Ordinarily, internal partitions use single-glazing, but to keep the client’s prized wine collection at a stable temperature, we used double-glazed walls to give outstanding insulation. A PureGlaze door gives access to the cellar and doesn’t interfere with the smooth, seamless façade.

The brief on this project was twofold – the client also wanted to allow light and easy access into a formerly dingy, underused basement. We erected a structurally glazed box with a PureGlaze door, to match the wine cellar below. The sleek, backpainted bands around the door conceal the framework, again allowing the door to blend flawlessly with the silicone-jointed panels.

rural project overview

Simon Whiting



George Sharman