Wadham College.

The brief was to reconfigure Blackwells Music Bookshop in Wadham College as a post-graduate centre and graduate study facility. The listed building has the unusual feature of a “glass funnel” bringing light, ventilation and access to the outside into the basement- this required complete refurbishment and now forms the central focus for the new space.

project details

  • High performance double glazing is structurally bonded to the original steel frame to create the six-sided glass walls and glass roof of the “glass funnel”.
  • Sky-frame sliding doors provide ventilation and access to the outside for the students working in this new facility.
  • Internal glass walls divide the space into more intimate areas and are detailed in relation to the particular function.
  • All the glass is low iron to retain the clarity and increase the sense of spaciousness. It is the iron in glass that gives it a slight green tint.

rural project overview

Lee Fitzgerald Architects



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