West Cottage

Inspired by another one of our country house extensions, this small living space immerses the client in nature with frameless curved glass walls and a small glass link to the main house. Technically, the project was right up our street - the detailing was rather a challenge. Thanks to our expert designers and fitters, the old, uneven stonework on the existing house blends seamlessly with the sleek, modern extension creating a bright, airy space for entertaining, dining or simply relaxing and taking in the stunning views.

project details

  • The most important consideration for this project was detailing. The junctions between the curved glass panels and steel supports for the roof and between the glass link and existing rendered brickwork needed particularly careful consideration - thankfully, our expert designers love a challenge!
  • The roof is suspended from and supported by steel rods, rather an unusual support mechanism, necessitated by the odd configuration of the structure. A fritted pattern was applied to the roof to obscure the fixings
  • Thin structural silicone joints reduce the need for framework, allowing the client to appreciate stunning views over surrounding farmland and boosting natural light (with all the attendant benefits)
  • Sleek, modern, curved glass panels contrast with the existing thatched Georgian cottage, while the almost completely glazed construction of the extension take nothing away from the original building

rural project overview

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George Sharman