Westside Common.

A small glass extension is likely to change the way you live your life for ever. Victorian houses bring a sense of history and solidity; however they were not designed for contemporary living, especially the kitchen and dining areas. These are exactly the spaces we now spend most of our time in, where we gather with friends and family to relax, cook, eat and debate.

project details

  • The framed sliding doors appear to float within the glass wall and the flush threshold connects the inside and outside.
  • The roof of the glass extension effortlessly restrains the glass walls with a simple glass to glass junction.
  • The small exposed brick wall is a convenient contradiction and seems to be supported by the more fragile structural glass extension.
  • The framed casement door is for those times when you just need to let the dog into the garden without losing heat. 

rural project overview

The Brooks Practice

South London


George Sharman