within the range.

Our range comprises products that we have built and manufactured ourselves. It also contains technologies that have been pioneered by others around the world.

But only the very best of our offering truly lives up to the term “innovative”. The rest is merely excellent. 

At Cantifix, we believe that our most innovative products are those which directly respond to what our clients want. The ones that have been developed, tested and prototyped after a client asked a simple question: “is it possible?”

nature. by. cantifix.

  • Our glass walls are constantly evolving to improve the lives of the people who use them.
  • This improvement encompasses biological, psychological and physical needs.
  • Life enrichment might be an ambitious target – but we relish the challenge.

pureglaze. by. cantifix.

  • Our range of doors and windows was introduced in 2011.
  • A typical example of our system of continual development and improvement.
  • The Pureglaze pivot door has gone through 4 stages of research and development and rigorous testing by BRE.
  • Now architects confidently specify our products, and our competitors offer them to their customers.

sky. by. cantifix.

  • Our ever-growing range of rooflights.
  • Can fully open to flood spaces with light, provide excellent ventilation, and offer a vital connection with the environment.
  • Available as sliding, hinged, pop-up, or a combination of all three.

Want to know more?

Here is a video for details that images can’t always capture.