lamination strength.

Modern architectural glass is regularly put through its paces. Architects, property owners and designers don’t just want installations that look and perform superbly, they want to be free of restrictions, and be able to design almost anything they can think of. Our high-strength laminated glass makes this desire a reality, and enables us to design some of the most elaborate and demanding installations available.

The security, strength, and safety of our installations is always paramount, and using heat strengthened glass and toughened panels, lamination can provide the sturdiness and strength required by complicated glazing projects. Advances in glass engineering have greatly expanded the way we can use glass, and from walk-on floors to entirely glazed staircases and balustrades, our laminated solutions mean that you won’t need to worry about strength and security when you’re designing your projects.

By bonding multiple sheets of toughened glass together, we can ensure that even in the unlikely scenario that a glass panel broke, it would remain held together, and wouldn’t shatter. Some of our laminates are even strong enough that they’d be able to take considerable loads in this situation. If you need a glass installation that’s not only aesthetically elegantly designed, but strong and secure, then our heat strengthened glass laminates are the solution. 

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product details

  • Multiple laminated panels mean that even if the glass breaks, it remains held together
  • High-strength lamination is more durable than traditional methods, meaning that panels can endure more demanding structural requirements.
  • Makes it possible for elaborate glazed structures, such as stairs, balustrades, and floors, to be safely constructed

Why choose our high-strength laminated glass?

  • To design and install glass solutions that are structurally demanding
  • To ensure that if glazed panels were to break, they would remain held together and wouldn’t shatter
  • To create structures and installations that use glass as a primary supporting material - meaning beams don’t need to be made out of contrasting metals.

Who is our high-strength laminated glass for?

  • Architects and designers looking for a structurally integral glazing solution for their projects
  • Homeowners who was the option of installing more elaborate installations
  • Property owners and designers for whom the safety, strength, and security of their glazing solutions is paramount