Solstice Glass

Not all glass is created equal – in recent years, glazing technology has advanced leaps and bounds, meaning that a window is now so much more than a window. Enter Solstice Glass, the first ever glass offering specifically designed to harness the health benefits of natural light.

With autumn bedding in and winter on the way, the dark and dreary days are here to stay. With so many of us having been stuck inside due to the pandemic, it might feel like you never got to experience a proper summer, with all the light and natural beauty that usually entails. 

While our Solstice Glass can't bring the sun back, it can do the next best thing. By increasing your access to natural light - and harnessing benefits that other glass skips - you and your home will be rejuvenated, reinvigorated and ready for the months ahead. 

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product details

  • Our special low-iron panels allow for perfect clarity, increasing light transmission in the range of 450 to 485 nanometers. Put simply, this not only allows more light through, but specifically more mood altering light, with a positive affect on your alertness and productivity
  • Our glass technology is designed and engineered in house, with a focus on creating beautiful and functional spaces.We utilise the latest scientific consensus to channel the positive effects of natural light, while filtering the harmful aspects that damage your skin and mood.

  • Solstice Glass can be used in all variety of ways, to create spaces for working, living, eating, cooking, and more. From floors and doors to roofs and stairs, almost any architectural feature can be improved with the use of Solstice Glass.

  • Our glass panels are also environmentally-friendly, and cost-efficient in the long run. An additional layer of solar control laminate ensures that heat is properly regulated, reducing heat loss and gain, and ensuring your space remains comfortable and controlled.