glass floor.

While all of our glass solutions are exceptional, few of them better exhibit the spirit of innovation Cantifix is famous for than our structural glass floors. Our glass floors are one of our most versatile products, and are a perfect home feature for those with a taste for the outstanding, and a keen eye for functionality.

Whatever your reason for choosing a structural glass floor, Cantifix can and will accommodate you. We will work with you at every stage of the process; it doesn’t matter if you want a small simple floor panel to add elegance to a living room, or an opening glass floor design to transform the entrance to a basement or other space. We will listen, and we will create for you a personal, innovative design.

It’s hard to put into words just how effective our glass floor designs are. The options for customisation are endless, and the resulting impact for your property is immeasurable; they can provide your home with ventilation, flood spaces below with natural light, and provide insulation - all while adding an inimitable aesthetic quality.

Always unique. Always spectacular. A structural glass floor by Cantifix is one of the most effective ways to transform your home in luxury style.

Few of our glass floor products better exemplify the innovation we take such pride in than our opening pop-up floors. Originally inspired by the specific needs of an individual customer, this walk-on glass floor design offers huge versatility not only when it comes to aesthetic quality, but also practicality.

This is most noticeable in the varying levels of ventilation a pop-up floor can provide, and the visually appealing way in which it does so. These elegant walk-on glass panels rise vertically out of the floor. No troublesome manual operation. No greasy hinge systems. Simple, seamless, vertical elevation.

All year round, these floors look stunning, and perform superbly. Imagine, at the flick of a button, raising this floor from below, to invite in a gentle summer breeze. If the weather turns? In moments these walk-on glass floors descend, sealing in the warmth and comfort of your home.

Modern. Innovative. Exceptional. A Cantifix pop-up glass floor is a truly cutting-edge glass solution.

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sliding floor.

There are many reasons our clients look to invest in a glass floor. Some are purely invested in aesthetic, which we can easily accommodate; some want to improve the ventilation, or natural light quality, of their interior spaces, which we can also help them achieve. For some clients, however, a glass floor provides an opportunity unlike any other - as a seamless and mesmerising divider between different spaces.

A retractable glass floor can serve all kinds of purposes. It can be a subtle divide between a pantry and a wine cellar. It can be an elegant way to lead up to a roof garden. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

One of the more unexpected, unusual products in our glass floor offering - but also one of the most dynamic, a Cantifix sliding glass floor is the premium way to merge interior and exterior spaces alike, and in doing so, merge your visions for your dream property with reality.

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There’s no question about it. All of our glass floor panels are elegant. They’re all unique. They’re all designed with the client in mind, and every client is different - some have a need for our more elaborate, complicated designs, while some simply don’t require something quite as complex. These clients tend to prefer our hinged floors.

We believe that sometimes, it’s the little innovations that can make the biggest difference. By combining all the expertise and quality Cantifix are famous for, with a classic and simple design premise, our hinged glass floors were born. They are an ideal choice for an internal or external glass floor that can be easily and swiftly opened to provide a boost of ventilation, without affecting the aesthetic or function of the floor itself. (In fact, they make it look rather exceptional.)

These glass floor panels offer all the ventilation and practical applications of our other glass floor products, but without any unnecessary complication in their design. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it - a hinged panel is a fantastic choice for any design project.

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When people refer to glass floors, a one-panel floor is probably what comes to most people's minds. No unneeded complexities. No extravagant contraptions or devices. Just pure, crystal clear glass, set seamlessly into the floor of an interior or exterior space. Elegantly simple. Beautifully executed. Our one-panel floors are all of these things, and more.

At Cantifix, our solutions cater to all kinds of practical necessities, and functional requirements. We offer products that can be installed in almost any situation, but at the heart of it all, is glass. Whatever the needs of our client, at the centre of everything we do is the knowledge and appreciation of glass as one of the most visually stunning construction materials - a one-panel floor is the embodiment of this appreciation.

Limited only by your imagination, and practicality, these simple and refined designs add a timeless quality to your home or property. Whether you would prefer a small, subtle design, or a grandiose, attention-commanding panel, Cantifix can make it happen, and can help you make your home exceptional.

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At Cantifix, we are constantly questioning the very realms of possibility when it comes to structural glazing. In doing so, it’s almost inevitable that many of our projects grow in scope and size; over the years, we’ve become masterful at large-scale projects of all kinds - if you’re looking for a glass floor to cover a big area, then look no further than our multi-panel floors.

The structural glass floor panels of these solutions are sturdy, seamlessly joined, and flawlessly designed. We believe you should never feel limited in your designs, and when it comes to planning your dream home or space, we ensure our clients never feel restricted.

Supported by a variety of beam options to smoothly integrate them into the aesthetic of your property, your glass solution can be comprised of as many structural glass floor panels as you want - or have room for.

Open the door to possibility with a Cantifix multi-panel floor.

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One of the things we at Cantifix take particular pride in, is that we are able to to offer out customers almost limitless freedom when it comes to designs. While this is hugely important to us, we also recognise that there are occasions when freedom and innovation are trumped by safety - fire regulations mean that in some situations, fire-rated glass is required.

At Cantifix, not only can we accommodate these requirements - but we can do so while avoiding any need to sacrifice creativity and freedom in design. We understand that fire regulations are a very specific field, and we are more than happy to guide any client through the process, ensuring not only that regulations are met, but that the result is visually spectacular.

Our fire-rated glass floors offer the absolute highest quality in insulation and protection - even with a fire raging nearby, they can still be walked on with ease. They will satisfy even the most fastidious of building inspectors, and do so in true luxury style.

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