We love to collaborate at Cantifix and with 34 years' of experience in the field of structural glazing, we'd be remiss if we didn't share a little of our know-how with anyone who's as obsessed with glass as us. Here, you'll find all sorts of information about how we apply our experience and expertise to each and every Cantifix project. From small residential extensions to the largest double-glazed unit in Europe, we have a thing or two to say about structural glass. Explore our technical case studies, video explainers and brochures for the full Cantifix range here.

The Boulevard Theatre

The Boulevard Theatre in Soho with curved glass facade and glass bridge

Walkers Court, historically the dingy epicentre of Soho (and therefore London's) sex district, and later a focal point for the Swinging Sixties in London, was reimagined for the 21st century with a breathtaking, yet sensitive, redevelopment beginning in late 2015. The old Raymond Revuebar has been transformed by the granddaughters of Paul Raymond into commercial and residential spaces, whilst retaining its sister venue, The Boulevard Theatre and refurbishing the iconic Madame Jojo’s. With a 360° rotating stage and fully-customisable seating, The Boulevard really is state-of-the-art. With that in mind, the architects in charge of the redevelopment wanted the exterior of the building to be just as spectacular. A double-storey glass bridge and huge frameless corner presented huge design, engineering and logistical challenges. Find out how we overcame them in our case study.

The Newt in Somerset

Large glass wall overlooking a herb garden

This beautiful Georgian estate has changed hands many times over its 300-year history, but has always maintained its beautiful gardens, from the formal, geometric "gardens a la français" of the 18th century to the less formal Arts and Craft style of Penelope Hobhouse in the 1960s and 70s. The new owners have carried on in the same vein with acres of gardens, including a huge herb garden which serves the various kitchens on the estate. This particular garden is special to us because it's overlooked by one of the largest double-glazed units in the world (indeed, the largest in Europe). When Invisibe Studios proposed a large glass window on the hotel's gym complex, sensibly enough, they imagined it would be split into several panels. We don't really do sensible at Cantifix, so we suggested we do the huge 30m² window in one panel. The installation was quite a feat, so we thought we'd document it.

Senate House

Bespoke, multi-faceted glazed roof

This conversion of a dingy, underused basement into a bright, airy co-working space, undertaken by Spacelab architecture was, quite literally, transformative. Spacelab's innovative approach focuses on ensuring architecture is fit for purpose before anything else. The key to this project was always going to be getting enough light into the former basement. Enter the serpantine, multi-faceted, completely bespoke rooflight that snakes its way across the space. Our rooflight was designed in close collaboration with the steelwork contractor in order to ensure each panel fitted into the bespoke steel frame with tiny tolerances for error. Our case study takes a closer look at this masterpiece of design, engineering and fabrication.

Baker Street

Stepped glass atrium with obscured glass

Linking two bustling central London office spaces in a way that encourages interconnectivity and collaborative working, this beautiful, light-filled atrium really pushed the boundaries of structural glazing back in 2015. Utilising 3D design and high-performance glazing, the new atrium marries high technology and neoclassicalisms in a ground-breaking and visually stunning design. In order to ensure some privacy in one of the busiest areas of town, Cantifix worked closely with the architect on an ethereal solution of upmost elegance. Our case study examines this unique space in more detail.

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