Baker Street.

The unique new atrium on this office development provides a physical link between an old building, built in 1904 as Marks and Spencer’s HQ, and its 1936 addition. With glass walls on each level set at different planes, every step taken through the building promises a completely different aspect. A truly dynamic space.  

project details

  • A light and airy area at the heart of the building, designed for social interaction.
  • With computer modelling used to establish dimensions, every panel of double glazed glass is shaped differently to its adjacent panels.
  • Cascading glass roof and glass wall have a fabric interlayer, functioning as a “veil” to create privacy.
  • Double glazed units have the chosen fabric laminated on the inside pane, between two sheets of toughened glass.
  • Glass beams follow the complicated line of the roof panels to support the glass roof, with rainwater collected on either side.

rural project overview

Mark Barfield Architects

Central London


Hufton + Crow Photography