English Heritage Headquarters.

This project was completed in 2001 allowing English Heritage to showcase how an existing 19th century listed building can include a contemporary new space and still preserve all of its charm. The glass link provides an additional seating area for visitors and staff to meet, relax and work- it has established a new focus to the site, and one which is more open to the public.

project details

  • A glass wall on either side of the extension links the two listed buildings with minimal physical and visual impact.
  • The front entrance doors sit in their own structure which protrudes from the line of glass to provide a focus and a small draft lobby.
  • A row of PureGlaze windows provide ventilation and sit flush with the glass wall to create a sleek and fluid façade.
  • The glass link is not only light in appearance and sympathetic in design, it also creates a myriad of reflections and mirror images of the stable block and main house.

rural project overview

Van Heyningen and Haward



George Sharman